noTell moTel Skybox

Posted: June 30, 2011 in -db- Skyboxes
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"noTell moTel skybox"

A Grungy Motel Skybox for Second Life

It seems fitting that since this was my very first creation in skyboxes, that this should be my very first entry 🙂

This motel room is actually true to life.  It’s one that I’ve seen before in my first life and was never able to erase it from my mind.  As a Role Player in Second Life, I would wish someone would be kind enough to make a tiny little get away like this one.  There were some out there, but non that fit what it was that I was looking for.  So I created this and decided to share with the rest of the community.  I got a lot of positive feedback regarding it and decided to keep going with ideas.

When I first started SL, I was more interested in contemporary furnishings.  However, during my RPing years, grunge started influencing my taste more and more.  I loved the filth and how dark and grungy everything appeared.  It now influences a lot of my current creations with DIRTY BOXES.

In this skybox, the floors are stained, the walls damaged, and the furniture a little run-down.  It’s crappy in a chic way with it’s bordered up windows, broken television and nasty bath that’s attached.  A resident in world by the name of Jackson Sharple contacted me with the following comment:

“It’s perfect. The ideal amount of sleaze I was going for. Heh. The low amount of prims allows me to put in my own poses, as well. Just wanted to say thank you for a job well done.”

The lighting is scripted with color variations and there are male/female/couple animations in the furniture.  Visit DIRTY BOXES in world to view the entire skybox up close and personal 🙂

  1. Arnold Barillas says:

    Being a user of the Notell Motel skybox and being a very pleased client whom would like to express appreciation for the creator’s ideas and attention to detail. She completely captures the idea of a run down motel room that you would run off to for a quick afternoon fling or somewhere remote after driving for hours on end.

    This box is complemented by a cuddle bed to cozy up with someone special; Comes with two decent sized grungy, worn down chairs and little table with a lovely ash tray for all you smokers.
    The lighting effects are well created and set the mood for any midnight lighting.
    Also all lights in the skybox like all the other creations by Taeja Diaz have a hud-driven menu with an array of colors to set any mood your little second life soul desires.

    In using the shower comes with animation for showering in getting clean after a heated after session.

    Finally the Creator and Owner leaves room to the imagination on limiting what you do with your skybox by add poses if you so please or replacing furniture if necessary to add your own little touch.

    All in all I give this work of art a 5/5 rating a definite buy without disappointment.

    -Arnold B

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