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So as I’ve said before, often times I create things based on what I’ve seen in my first life. This classroom was a memory of my third grade class! It then makes it a little humorous that I added a bit of naughtiness to the decor. 🙂

The classroom has a health theme with posters on the wall dealing in matters such as nutrition, bullies, and of course, sex. Some of the wall art definitely makes one chuckle at it’s take on teen sexuality but believe it or not, some of it is actually educational. I could have made it even more risque than it already is, but for me, it wasn’t about complete and utter sleaze as we often see in Second Life. I wanted it to be tasteful but still fun and entertaining. It’s made in a way that allows the buyer to add or delete to the entire theme as they see fit. Posters can be removed, and chalk boards can be made blank so that users can make their own theme if they’d like.

Have you ever been in a real life class room setting and seen some of the ceiling lights that have been blown out long ago? Well this room has that same feel. If you glance up at the ceiling, you’ll notice how some lights shine bright and others are completely non-existent.

The lights also have a color changing menu that allows you to select the color of the lighting you’ll use. So if you’re in a teaching mode, you can select a normal soft tone, or if you’re in a romantic mood, change it to a racy red if you’re feeling daring.

The student desks have male, female and unisex animations to give the user some variety. The teacher’s desk is basic, traditional, with an apple thrown in for good measure 🙂 You can either sit on or at the desk, or even lie on it if you are so inclined.

In all, the skybox is playful, definitely affordable, and can be used for an array of things. Check it out in world at DIRTY BOXES. Be sure to rez the “Health Class” skybox from one of our vendors and use the transporter nearby to teleport to it. Easy as 1, 2, 3! 🙂